Thursday, July 08, 2010

Kick me!

Somebody please kick me! Kick me 'coz- I am way past my one month cut-off. I had made it a personal goal to post at least once a month. 3 months have gone by. 3 whole months! Sigh. All successful bloggers advise that you should be faithful to your readers and blog even when you don't feel like it. But when you're readership is limited to your other half, you don't feel so bad.

Kick me again and this time in the butt,'coz I managed to miss almost every single episode of Aarti Party on Food Network. :( For my imaginary readers who don't know- she's the charming girl who won this year's The Next Food Network Star.

The moment I found out there was a 'desi' looking girl contesting, I was 'googling' away. What would we do without search engines? Anyway, within a few minutes, I found her blog and her cooking show on YouTube. My entire weekend was spent ignoring my husband and my then 9 month old and watching her videos back to back- my heart warming, my mouth watering and my home smelling of her 'Dal'. I jumped with joy even when I saw the promos for the weekly episodes and my husband volunteered to babysit every time we were able to watch the show. How sweet is he! But then August came and we were traveling. I survived only on the video clips on the FN website. And I was in Vegas when I missed the finale. :(

Until her show started I would remind my husband to remind me about the show. And then came each Sunday, and I would be somewhere without a TV at that exact time. I think when the fifth episode was showing I was at home all ready to turn on the TV at 12PM only to find out that it was 12PM EST. Danged time zones!!

All is not lost. The last episode of the season airs on September 26th. I am going to post-it my entire apartment so I will remember to stay home and turn on the TV as soon as I wake up. Hah! And she's signed up for another season too. Yay!

This is one of my favorite posts on her blog. Its about an 'accountability group'. Sounds vague? Read the post. Its inspiring and she is a testimony that it works.

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