Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Who? Me?

Yes! Me!

Deb was sweet enough to think I'm versatile and nominated me for this- 'The versatile blogger award'.  I'm truly honoured. To know that someone wastes time to read what I'm mumbling away... makes me feel special. I'm a new blogger and I think (or I would like to think, that like me) new bloggers spend more time refreshing their stats (and fretting and fuming if the page view count has not turned from 0 to 1) than actually following too many other blogs.. and this nomination allows one to be appreciated and introduces one to other (some very)interesting blogs.

I started out anonymous and then shortened my name from Seena to Cna just so that no one I knew would judge me too soon and laugh at my rants. Then I joined Blogjunta and Indiblogger and realised that one cannot blog alone, one needs to blogalise (my new word for socialising on blogs). Why would anyone want to read you if you don't read them?

And would it be entirely wrong to comment on a poem based on a serious issue with just one word 'Nice'? At that moment I was speechless and the only thing I could say was 'Nice'. And the Blogger did not publish my comment. Maybe he/she thought it was too shallow. And it made me feel silly. Anyways, I now try to take the effort to put in some thought while commenting.:) You learn something new everyday!!

Now before I babble endlessly here are the rules:

1. Nominate 15 Fellow Bloggers
2. Inform the Bloggers of their nomination
3. Share 7 random things about yourself
4. Thank the Blogger who nominated you
5. Add the Versatile Blog Award picture to your blog post

Since I am Leo and Leos are apparently very proud let me annoy everyone with 7 random things about me before I nominate other bloggers.

1. Loves to fall sleep while watching late night TV
2. Can eat multiple bars of Twix without falling sick
3. Can never get over Archies comics
4. Never thought she'd enjoy being a mom so much
5. Cannot enjoy a cold coffee. It has to be hot.
6. Has a persistently pessimistic gene that she is trying hard to mutate
7. Loves looking at photos. Over and over and over.

And here are the picks and in no particular order. (apparently you can nominate the person who nominated you.Phew!) And some are bloggers that I discovered through Deb and will be following as of right now. :D

1. Deb
2. Saru
4. Zradar
5. Shubham 
6. Joshi 
7. Neelam 
8. Sujatha 
9. Surya

Some of you may have already got this award, but to me you sound versatile and very interesting and so even if I have not commented much on your blogs, please accept this award as an appreciation for making my time spent reading worth my while.

Also there are other veteran bloggers who probably got this or similar awards years ago and I don't know if I am going to look silly letting them know that I (who?) think they are versatile bloggers.  So I'll just let you go check them out if you have not already...

10. Judy
14. Aarti

Thank you again Deb! 

and here is the image....


  1. There I go again, refreshing my stats... God help me!

  2. haha its a phase Seena, so chill. we all have been there- the page views, the stats, the numbers & understand how you feel. don't worry you will get over it soon enough. well, you should :) because end of the day it doesn't matter. you will realize this on your own someday :)

    and thanks for the award & congrats on getting one too

  3. oh yes, keep writing for the love of writing. for nothing else.

    Cheers :)

    Much love

  4. Thank you Sujatha! :)

  5. check this post :)
    this is by a blogger called Rohit


  6. Hey Seena,

    Thank you so much for the nomination and your sweet comment on my blog:)
    I'm just like you when it comes to refreshing stats and counting pageviews and am sure there are many others. For a writer there is no bigger satisfaction than of being read....isn't that the reason we are here (It's not for the money, that's for sure;)).
    Now I'm off to read some of your other posts...

  7. Anonymous8:30 pm

    ok i m here even before u cud inform me thanx to my habit of stalking all the blogs available on earth. don't worry even someone deleted my comment yesterday because he found my name bit strange in the midst of other eminent bloggers who posted comments on his blog. anyway thank u so much for the nomination. i just loved all ur posts and its so much fun to read them. and u r one of those few people who value their readers. so u don't have to worry about ur stat counter. anyway thanx again and now i ll get back to refreshing my stat counter :D.

  8. i know.. how good it feels when you get to know that people are reading your posts and liking it !!
    And yes, this is the first time someone nominated me for something like that so i am loving it even more.
    Thanks for the appreciation Cna.. Keep reading and writing :)

  9. @Neelam: I read all your comments and finally got some time to reply. Hope you enjoy what you read!

    @Deb: I figured you are following my blog, so I was a bit slow in informing you and Saru of my nomination.

    @Shubham: I cannot believe you have not received any award yet! But you get enough comments and responses, so that is an award in itself , I guess. :)

  10. Hehe.. well thanks a lot :)
    continuing the tradition, i have nominated u for the versatile blogger award.. have a look :)

  11. LOL...I was surfing blogs after a week as my brother is here and we are meeting after 2.5 years. Anyways, some interesting facts about you:)

    Seena, pageviews and followers is a myth or a mad race. I hardly get hits as compared to many other bloggers but I'm happy as I do what I like. Infact I enjoy writing on my blog.

    Thank you very much for the nomination as I was quite surprised to see my name there:)

  12. And I didn't even know about this! Lol. Thanks so much ! :) I used to post these awards (pictures) on my blog, and later on I had to remove all those pics (still feeling terrible about that) because my blog appeared too cluttered. But that doesn't stop me from feeling oh-so-happy when someone nominates me :D So thanks Seenaaaa ! Even I got some readers only after I started visiting other people's blogs. It's not a matter of reading their blog. Rather you have to publicize yourself and ur blog -- let them know that you exist. Later on even if you don't end up reading some of them, they will come back to you if they like what u write :)