Wednesday, March 26, 2014

DIY Apple Outfit Tutorial

I am following up on the previous craft related post with this 'DIY Apple Outfit' tutorial.

I had a request like 2 years ago from this post here... but I completely forgot about it until recently when I have been collating all my craft projects into this one folder. 

So this is a little apple outfit I made for my preschool going son 2 years ago. With nothing but a FabIndia shopping bag and some inexpensive felt paper that you will find in any craft store. 

I should say this was a fairly original idea and I was quite pleased with how it turned out. The motivation however was to be the 'Creative' mom with THE cutest at the 'Dress up like your favourite fruit' day.

Here is a picture of the finished product: 

This is entire outfit is one single piece. 

What you need:

- One large size thick paper bag.
- Sufficient red felt paper to cover the whole bag
- Bits of green felt paper to make leaves
- Scissors 
- School Glue

How to make it happen:
-Make sure your kids are asleep. :)

-Neatly trim the edge that holds the handle straps. We don't need this end.

-Make a cut on either side of the bag till the base (which will later allow you to open up the bag lengthwise).

-Base/bottom of the bag is what eventually turns into the 2 shoulder straps.

- Draw your apple. Top of the apple is towards the base of the bag, Remember to make the straps at least 2 inches wide. And there should be a sufficient round for your little one to slip his little head through. (Sorry no pictures here... :( )

 - Cut out the apple shape carefully so as not to damage the shoulder straps. 

-Trace the shape of your apple on to the red felt and extra for the shoulder straps. Cut and stick. 

- Cut leaf shape from the green felt paper and stick. 

- Let dry

Now there is the apple of my eye!

Please Note:

This was 2 years ago and I do remember that I had to reinforce with few sheets of newspaper to make the outfit sturdier. Another method would be to use 2  large pieces of cardboard which will be the front and back and use some old scrap fabric or cardboard pieces itself for the shoulder straps. At that point, I had no time to research for alternatives. 

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