Tuesday, February 09, 2016

#2016reading -'The Marble Collector'

Just finished Cecelia Ahern’s 'The Marble Collector.'

Picked it 'cos it was on the new arrivals rack and I wanted to read something more from her after 'PS: I Love You'. 

The book starts off on a slow pace which did not bother me much as it suited my current reading temperament. Finding quality reading time was almost next to impossible with my house help taking off and kids and chores and that endless 'to do' list.

Sabrina Boggs, a life guard at a nursing home, is in the middle of a mid life crisis. She seems bored, listless and always holds her breath. She seems to be just going with the flow until she discovers her father, Fergus, currently in a care-home, after a stroke and very limited memory has a stunning collection of marbles. She knew nothing of it. Nor did her mother. And she learns that the most valuable pieces worth up to seven thousand dollars  are missing. And all this happens on the one day that her husband and kids are out camping, so she figures she has just this one day to figure things out before life pushes her back into her daily routine.

I was very interested in the details about marbles. I had never thought much about them; but to learn that it was such a fad and that there were so many types and that it could become such a deep fascination for someone that it might affect one's life so much was especially intriguing. 

And Sabrina, I could relate to some of her anxiety. About knowing something is not right or whole but not knowing what it is. And you want to find a solution as to why you are the way you are. And a lot of that is deeply rooted to who your parents are and why they are they way there are .. and that is what held me to this book. 


  1. That sounds very interesting, especially the way you have elucidated and statements in the last para... thanks for sharing Seena...

    Cheers, Archana - www.travelwitharchie.com

  2. This book sounds interesting... I'll pick it in coming future... :)