Thursday, July 07, 2016

Wisdom, when you least expect it.

So my son picks out 'Splat the cat and the Hotshot' at the library. And I know I should not judge the book by its cover. But I do. Immediately. I had not read this series before, so I do not think much of the title.. and nothing about the cats posing on the front page. But no amount of persuasion worked and my 'Cat in the Hat' (yes, I sometimes pick the ones I want to read) had to go back on the shelf.

I love reading to my kids. I love how we cuddle up together into our sweet spots. I love how they don't judge my slight lisp.  I love how they get lost in the story. I love how I lose myself. The words and the pictures and the sounds coming together to create a memory. I can read till my throat is dry. And then some more.

But I pushed this 'Splat the cat and the Hotshot' to the last spot. We finished 'Princess Poppy' and 'Pintoo and the Giant'. And then I began reading rolling my tongue around splat, cat, Scott, scouts. My son can read this.. My daughter insists I read, because according to her, the brother reads way too loudly.

Anyways, the book is about how Splat is going on a hike with the Cat Scouts and a new Scout called Scott seems to be stealing the show. He seems to know how to tie fancy knots and build a mean fire. Splat is slightly insecure  and wants to be just as cool as Scott. As the hike progresses he soon he discovers his own talents and figures out what team work is all about.  

Whether you are four or forty, each of us is Splat. We meet someone who's pretty good at what they do. And suddenly we shine all the spot light on them. We forget what we can do. and we just want to be like them, do like they do, have what they have. We forget that 'there are stars in our skies too'.

You know how a book finds you at just the right time. Well Splat found me. In a 'Level 1- I can read book'.

Credits: Harper Collins

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