Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Itching for a good read...

I did it. I dared to get two books from the library today. I have been yearning for it. To hold a book  in my hand and go away for a bit. Some where far away...

One is The Fatwa Girl by Akbar Agha. Happened to be on the shelf labeled 'Best Sellers'. So it better be good. 

The other is Brain Games for Toddlers and Twos by Jackie Silberg (whoever that is). Don't laugh. I could not resist. Unless you have one of your own, you have no clue how much entertaining  a two year old needs. I flipped through it. Seems quite interesting.

Honestly I have no clue how I will find the time to finish these books by the due date. But I am planning to sneak in some reading when I can. Like maybe for 10 minutes when I am done typing this. 

"How do you kill time?" 

I absolutely hate it when people ask me that. I NEVER kill time. I have no time to kill. I manage time. I will mercilessly grab any little extra time that I can get my hands on. 

Just because I am a stay-at-home mom, right now, does not mean I am jobless. Like every other mother and wife, I do a very delicate and dangerous juggling act. We run the house. We're facilitators. Because of us, everyone else gets to where they need to be, well-fed and on-time. We're on call 24 X 7. We women, we don't need to train for it. We're phenomenal that way. 

My quiet time is when my son naps in the afternoon for an hour and I am done with the high priority chores. Or past midnight, like now, when my boys are in bed. This is when I brave the relentless mosquitoes (itch, itch), munch on a midnight snack and catch up on some of the things that I love to do. That I have been dreaming of all day. 

To all you busy moms, hope you get to do at least one of your favourite things everyday...

PS: I am still figuring out how to choose images that are allowed for reuse. I think this one is OK. But I cannot seem to find out whose it is so I am not able to give it credit.


  1. Anonymous11:05 am

    Hey I know the feeling: "I have no time to kill". With Office, friends,a working wife and a hyperactive toddler i have no time to kill, but I still need a small cove for myself to do what i want to do; read a book, write a page, watch TV and the list is endless. So i have become nocturnal. When the world sleep I wake....Very Vampirish!!

  2. Hi there Sunil, Thanks for dropping by. I know my blog post here might sound a little pro-woman (not sure if I want to use the word 'feminist'). But I get you. As busy parents,I think we can be grateful for the things that make our day whole even if it eats into us.. and yet be passionate enough to make the time to do what we love.

  3. Hi

    How are the books?
    Do let me know :)

  4. Hi Megha! You're back :). The Fatwa girl is progressing slowly and they are just introducing the characters but its taking me to Pakistan and I get a kick out of cultures I have been exposed to too much. So I like. The baby book is sure creative and its worth having around for a mom who has exhausted all her other ideas. :D But will keep you posted for sure.