Thursday, November 03, 2011

A walk to remember

I had written this post, more than a year ago, when we were still living in Chicago, but somehow forgot all about it. While decluttering my post list,  I read this again and some memories came rushing back. I could not delete it..

 'After a day's walk everything has twice its usual value.' ~George Macauley Trevelyan

In the past two weeks, one of the things I try to make the time to do is to take a walk outside. (From the picture I just clicked, you can see why. It is beautiful! Like walking into a painting. Yes, this is where I live!) I just ignore the mess my house is in and get myself out my PJ's,(which is terribly difficult after your night feedings) and the baby into the stroller quickly before anything can change my mind.

Once out, I thank myself. It is totally worth it. The sky is blue and bright and big and it liberates me. The grass is green and dewy and freshly cut and it refreshes me. A soft breeze is blowing through the leaves whispering hopeful secrets to me. The birds are chirping and to the tune in my heart. Once in while a little squirrel pops its curious head out of a tree or zips across my path surprising me. How many shades of green there are amazes me. The strong fragrance of the crab apple tree has me lingering under it for just a bit longer.

My baby is engrossed too. Eager to step out of the 600sq foot apartment, he giggles when I buckle him up in the stroller. He knows he has much to see, to discover,to marvel at. I hear some soft gurgles and I know he is enjoying himself.

I stop to take it all in. The whole view. I want time to stop with me. I want to frame this moment. Perfect. Cool. Crisp. Green. I click. I sigh. I start walking again. This is my retreat. This peace I feel is the peace I need right now. I feel no worries.

I pick up some fallen pine cones. I stop to click a few pictures. I make a mental note to appreciate the guys who landscape this place.I watch my neighbours going to work. I see some kids roller skating. Some shouts of frolic. A dog barking in the distance. I cannot describe how peaceful I feel.

I'm a little sad, we will be leaving this beautiful neighbourhood in a few months. This is one of those many things I will miss. Right now the grass is greener here. On this side.

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