Sunday, February 17, 2013

Bubblegum Pink

Such a gorgeous colour right? That's the new colour of my husband’s new boxer briefs!

No, he did not go scouring the marketplace for this fruity shade of pink. Nor is it a cheesy valentine's day gift from me.  

It’s just what happens when you accidentally put a brand new, whitey-white, unused pair of boxer brief into the washing machine along with a bleeding-red, dry–clean only kurta.

How did it happen? I swear, I am not one to usually mess up or mix up laundry. I have very particular -girls only, boys only and babies only wash cycles. Towels and bed linens get their time alone too. And my post baby- 'lack of sleep’ excuse did not run very well with my husband. He was in shock for 5 whole seconds (which is very long considering his usual superhuman response time to just about anything!) and then gave me a lecture on how I should sort my laundry.

Me: “Don’t lecture me! Do you know how much laundry I do? I know how to sort my laundry! I toss everything out of the laundry basket, sort them into specific piles and finally drop each sorted pile into the machine.”

He: “Then how come my white boxer is now pink?”

Me: “ was an accident? Some piles overlapped....I meant to remove the kurta but it was hidden beneath and.....

He: “Hah! See, your method is not foolproof! Everybody puts clothes into the washing machine one by one. And besides you always forget to empty the pockets. You always wash my money. And the last time you  my washed my USB memory stick, remember?”

I forget now, if the emphasis was on ‘always’ or ‘my’. But we spent the next 15 minutes arguing over the “my” money -“your” money issue which I felt carried more weightage. More than the bright bubblegum pink undy lying on the  dining table.

Me: “Your money? I thought it was OUR money”

He: “Don’t change the topic. OK. OUR money. So not only do you always wash OUR money, you also just wasted OUR money turning this into a tutti-fruity thing.” *nostrils flaring*

I feel silly and bad. Silly because I cannot help but think how fantastic the colour actually is. Perfect for a tote bag or a strappy summer blouse. And bad because I ruined my sweetypie's brand new chaddi. He just came home the previous night proclaiming he had found the perfect pair. We had been searching for months.12 months to be precise. He is crazy like that. Very, very, very particular about the type, the colour, size. He splurged on 7 pairs and ordered for another 7. I don't know if numerology is involved. Its possible. 

And after all that I go do the unthinkable. 

Me: “But your USB drive turned out OK. How am I supposed to know about this secret pocket in your jeans? What is it for anyway?" 

He: “It’s not a 'secret' pocket. It is a 'coin' pocket. And just the right size to hold a USB drive securely, by the way.”

Phew! Thank God the memory stick stayed in there snug. And after 2 days of drying, praying and painful waiting, it came out alive. 

But coming back to this 'coin' pocket, you know what, it just cannot be a coin pocket. Go check out your man's jeans if you haven't seen it. I mean, sure it is small enough to hold coins but its definitely not big enough to fish them out easily.

Me: “And so what if I washed a few bills? I did the universe a favour. Do you realize how filthy money can get?” 

He: *rolls eyes* 

He switched on the TV; an indication that the argument was over.

OK so it is my fault. But why should I have to wash brand new undies in the first place? Bought from a store that does not have a trial room, so you don't have to worry about anyone having tried them.  And even if it did have one, they won’t let you try it anyway, 'coz  that would be inappropriate. And even if they did let you try it, you would be too shy to anyway. I should know ‘coz he bought multiple sizes of one brand before we realized that nothing fit.

But yes, every new piece of innerwear cannot be worn unless its washed, sun-dried and ironed. That's one of the house-rules.And poor me was just trying to follow the rules. 

He: (over the voice of the television) “Did you try bleach?"

Me: "Yes. I even washed it 3 more times in the machine."

He:WHAT?!! You wasted that much water?!!!

Me: *screams silently*

This is not going to go away soon. Me going on about his particularities and him going on about my 'Perfect laundry process' gone wrong 

But then again, this story also had the entire family in splits when we met for dinner the other day. And my husband dearest did not look so upset and we were smiling at the end of it all.

I really want to put up picture of it. But permission has been understandably denied.

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