Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A new beginning

I was trying to register a new blog and discovered that I had in fact done so in October 2006 and published (can you call it 'published' if no one has read it?)a post 'Sweet Dreams' and drafted another. I had completely, totally and entirely forgotten about it. I vaguely remember toying with the idea and a few topics, but nothing more.

What I do remember is we were busy, making an inter-state move that Christmas.My husband landed a job in the Windy city with Sara Lee. It was an exciting time. New job for him, new opportunities for me, more family to see more often, the four seasons and lots of yummy and free pounds cakes. We've been here since and things have gone well. He traveled to some great places - Rome, Paris, Barcelona, South Africa and Hungary, I landed a cushy job and worked for a year and half, we had great times with family, we love the spring, the summer and the fall and we learned that the snow looks its best on a Christmas card. We do not get any 'free' pound cakes, just some employee discount. But that's fine, they still taste great.
Snowy Chicago

So coming back to point of this post. I decided to stick to the old blog account and so technically my "First piece' post, is not really the first piece. But I am not changing the title. I guess its more like the 'new' first piece. Right now I am not very clear about what this blog is going to be about. If its going to be an online diary or about things that interest me or just some thinking aloud. I am just going to let it be and write when I feel like writing and we will see where it goes. Let's see if I get it past a couple of months. :-) My husband is daring me.

Everything about the blogosphere is new to me. I have not even completed the registration part fully. I still have to edit my profile, put up a decent picture and so much more. Any free advice for this newbie will be appreciated!!
Wish me luck!


  1. Best wishes. :)
    Waiting eagerly for more posts from ur side.

  2. Chandrika- Thanks for the moral support. You are officially the 'first' person to comment on my blog. Feels good. :)

  3. Elo :D Nice to see you have a blog too. Write more often! :)

  4. Dhanya- Elo back to you. You are definitely an inspiration. :)