Saturday, January 16, 2016

An unexpected Inspiration

Its hardly a 10 minute drive to drop my daughter to school. But I really look forward to the cool mornings, sparse traffic and all the fresh and 'ready to face the day' faces. And there is nothing like listening to a little child belting out rhymes and in her huggable little voice. (And NOTHING like knowing that you are going to have peace and quiet for the next 4 hours!)
I leave my phone at home, so that both my daughter and I are not 'digitally' distracted- photos, videos, whatsapp, selfies, constant finger swiping... kids are very smart phone savvy these days .:)
But today I wish I had it, because sometimes, there are these moments you want to click, capture and keep forever.
As we were reaching her school, I noticed the local garbage collecting lady's cart parked to the side. Well its not something one would normally look at twice. But I almost stopped in the middle of the road. The cart was empty and she was not there, but there was a little bouquet of maybe 6 or 7 artificial roses tied to the front centre of the cart. It was beautiful and so unexpected. I could not help but smile. Big purple roses- blooming and pretty. It was definitely a photographer's moment. 
I don’t know know if those flowers were someone’s trash or her own personal treasure. But to me, the thought of her wanting to decorate her garbage cart with some flowers was priceless. (maybe I am in a sentimentally sloppy mood :P)
Carting smelly garbage from the neighbourbhood is probably not the best job in the world, it looked like she took one step to give her work some dignity. 
Most of the time we see the garbage cart, we look away or cover our noses. But what would we do without these people? These people who help get the waste out of our homes... and these people who we least expect to get any inspiration from.
There may be some days when we feel like we are carting garbage around or the stink of things are getting to us. I hope we are find a bunch of good and fragrant things to focus on so we can keep on keeping on. :) 
And even better, I hope we find inspiration when we least expect to so that the whole experience is worth it. 

PS: Here is a photo I managed to click later


  1. That's really sweet and positive of her.

    1. It really took me by surprise. I just broke into a smile and was such a burst of positivity.

  2. nice post! Reminds me of Viktor Frankl. Be worthy of your suffering he says.
    I really love your writing