Saturday, January 30, 2016

Mischief Stories

If you have little kids, you will agree that unless they are asleep, a little silence is a very very dangerous thing.  

These little guys are infinitely curious, instinctively explorative and blissfully unaware of risk or consequences. 

And they never fail to come up with new and indigenous ways of making mischief. And since they cute by default, you are not sure whether to yell, burst out laughing or click a picture. Ya maybe all three are a good idea.

Here are a few mischief stories I have had the pleasure (and displeasure) of witnessing. .. :) 

  • like when my little brother, once upon a time, decided to play with the matches behind the curtain. Luckily I found him on time.
  • like when my little girl discovered that tattooing her face with black felt pen, half an hour before a party was a brilliant idea for 'last minute touch up'.
  • like when my son discovered how to open the powder tin and covered himself and the bed in it.
Taken a good 4 years ago!

  • like when he also figured out how to open the ball point pen refill from both ends. That did not come off easily at all.
  • like when my little girl decided she would cook like mummy a.k.a pour water from one cup to another repeatedly. Only the bed turned out to be the right height for a woman of her stature... so oops.
  • like when my son decided to scoop our little fish out of the aquarium and after a thorough examination decided it did not look too happy. Yeah right! Catch and release.    
  • And yes when he decided that he could make his own winter wonderland in the living room. All you need is thermocol. And BTW, have you even tried sweeping this clean? Its like sitting inside a 'just shaken' snow globe.
  •  And how can I forget when he decided that the boring beige sofa could use some color. Red  and blue crayons would be perfect.
One classic story is a video of a little boy whose got his head through the bars of the front gate and how his folks were finding it very difficult to get him out. After numerous attempts, the child left his head where it was and managed to squeeze his entire body through to the other side!!

This list is non exhaustive. And though many stories may be similar, I'm sure every parent will have a unique one to add to this list. :D


  1. Aww !! How cute!! But just being 19 at this time i cant imagine children for more than half an hour with me !! If time exceeds i find myself in a mess.!!
    anyways good clicks.

  2. Oh, my God. The picture is so cute, even though I got your point :)

  3. You have quite an adventurous journey with kids. They sure light up our lives, pun intended.