Monday, September 26, 2016

My morning thing..

Do you have that one morning thing, you absolutely need to set the tone of your day? That morning cup of filter kaapi. Or tea. Or black. That reading you just need to do in the bathroom. That quiet time with your God. That extra cuddling with the kids as they break out of their oh so wonderful dreams. That slokha or song you need to hum. A quick visit  to your balcony garden.

I need my kaapi and my balcony garden peek. And I would never say no to some bathroom reading time.

But then I also enjoy driving my daughter to school, because it delays my immediate urge to tidy up and set thing in order. It is a short drive and I really look forward to the sights and sounds. The whole world is up and about. Parents waiting at the bus stop. Kids primped and proper. The fit conscious doing their daily run. Dogs being walked. Hair washed and chandan smeared foreheads. Lone man saluting the sun in the children's park. Cars being washed. Front porches being washed. Blooming plants being watered. The brown shirted man bravely taking your yesterdays garbage far from your home. A mother pulling at her resistant child as they both manoeuvre puddles. But he just saw something in that puddle.. school can wait! An old man walking unsteadily, pausing as I make my turn. I would not know what its like to be recovering from a stroke.. but he does.  An army of domestic helpers crossing the road finding their way to their workplaces. The vegetable lady with her fresh produce that is just too 'jasthi' for someone. The Ironing 'chetta' heating his coal, bundles piled on his table. Shutters being opened and doorsteps being swept.

I love it. It fills me with gratitude that there are so many of us and we are all just trying to live. We keep on keeping on.

#MondayMusings : Are you there yet?

Have you found it?

Your happy place?

What is it like?

I'm dying to know.

We are all trying to find the way there.  I'm juggling between... Gretchen Rubin and Robin Sharma... between Stephen Covey and Dale Carnegie... between Vincent Peale and the Whoever spilled 'the secret'... between Paulo Coelho and Roald Dahl. Between inspiring quotes and the negative situations (that I'm not suffering). Between the Bible and every other religion.

It reads easy but to form happiness habits are not the easiest thing to do.

The only person who knows me inside out is Google. Just ask my History tab.

How to be a better parent?
How to raise confidence?
How not to yell at your kids?
How to plan better?
How to stay happy?
How not to give up?

But whats interesting is.. there seem to be answers... cos many seem to be asking the same questions...

To all those searching- this elusive little thing called happiness... is roaming free...inside you and out...hope you find a bit of it everyday.

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