Thursday, October 26, 2006

Sweet Dreams!


It’s a gift to be able to sleep. To rest. I googled on what happens to our bodies when we sleep… (No, I’m not just bored. I am also curious about these things we take for granted…) Wikipedia has it as a” natural and periodic state of rest at which the consciousness of the world is suspended”. You can find a hundred other definitions… but I particularly liked this one.

It’s natural… well at least for most people. Insomnia must be a curse. I can’t imagine not falling asleep all night long… unless I was having a major exam the next day or better, maybe a picnic! I remember that happening every year in school… I would never ever get any sleep, the night before the class picnic… I wonder how I got the energy to have fun. God! We were like those toy rabbits running on Duracell batteries.

It’s periodic. Imagine having to sleep forever… and miss out on this beautiful world and all its glory (Yeah right! And the wars, starvation, global warming and poverty and Darfur..). But thankfully it’s controllable, you can switch it on and off… except when a really boring teacher starts of a lecture… Then I think sleep becomes a form of self defense protecting us from getting bored to death. ‘Cos I remember, I could never hold up and after red pinch marks and a lot of, sore skin, my heavy eyes would just flop close.

It’s a state of rest. You bet! There is nothing like going to sleep and getting up all refreshed. Unless ofcourse the REM cycle dominates and you feel exhausted with the all the dreaming.

And this part I love: “at which the consciousness of the world is suspended”. Wow. Being shut off from every damn thing that irks you, that scares you, that tickles or pisses you off…I guess nature or God or science or whatever you want to call it, figured we are too weak, ever, to shut everything off for a while, that it might as well create us with a sleep mode.

I love sleeping and I am so so so totally grateful for a good night's sleep. So to all the Sleep lovers out there: “Sweet dreams” and to all the Insomniacs… “More Rozerem”.