Monday, January 23, 2012

Grilled Cheese with Mushrooms

This was an on the spot concoction to satisfy an incredibly huge craving for a grilled cheese sandwich. Its simple and quick and absolutely yum!

- Slice half an onion, a small tomato, 1/4 to 1/2 capsicum and 8 to 10 (big) button mushrooms. Mushrooms shrink in size so don't make them too thin if you want a bite to the sandwich. And if the mushrooms are small you can throw in some more. 
- Heat 1 table spoon oil in a pan, and add all the ingredients and all the spices you like. I added salt, pepper, turmeric and chilli powder. 
- Cook till tomato is mushy, onions are slightly browned and mushrooms begin to caramelize. (are you drooling already?). Move to a dish. 
- grab a slice of bread and spoon on sufficient mixture, top with a slice of cheese and complete the sandwich. 
- Take it back to your non stick pan on low heat. there should be some oil left in the pan, if you feel that it is not enough to brown your bread, you could add some butter or a few drops of oil. Cover and let one side brown. In a less than a minute you could flip it over to brown the other side. You could press it down (like in a panini) with a flat spatula. Covering helps the cheese to melt. 

Tada! With some crunchy potato chips on the side, this is definitely a drool worthy recipe.

I know a recipe is never complete with a fantastic picture of the end product, but I was just too hungry to click. Maybe next time.

What are you craving today?

Thursday, January 19, 2012

My  blogging in the new year has taken off on a very slow start… in fact I am almost ‘anti-blogging’ (if that is even a word), which is very unlike my last few months… 

I don’t feel that ignition, that spark, the flow of words. I open my blogger dashboard and roll down my favourite blogs… feeling envious. How come everyone has so many ideas and I have none to share? I leave and come back later and read some of them and I don’t comment. I want to say something, but I cannot find the words. Again, very unlike me. 

I am in a shell. 

But it cannot stay like this much longer….

The clouds will part, the sun will come out, the birds will sing (loudly) and I will emerge out of this. 

This too shall pass.