Monday, April 26, 2010

Sound of silence

Aah! The sound of silence. Beautiful. I just found a quiet moment which, by the way, is quite rare now; considering I have an ‘almost’ 7 month old that has just recently discovered his crawling and other attention seeking abilities. Ya, he just fell asleep and now here I am wondering how to fully enjoy this peace and quiet.

Couple of ideas are running through my head:

- I could catch up on that half read ‘Parent’ magazine. That article about training your little one to sleep through the night seems quite enticing. Besides it could work wonders for those black circles I seem to have developed.

- I could catch up on that huge pile of laundry. There’s nothing like clean and fresh clothes- nice and warm from the dryer.

- I could watch a movie. A whole movie.‘Meet Joe Black’ has been on a cable for a few days now and I keep seeing parts of it, but never the whole thing. When I announced I was pregnant, my very good friend told me that I should watch all the movies I can and get all the sleep I can, coz that would be something I would miss doing. *Sigh* She was so right.

- Speaking of which, I could take a cat nap. *Yawn*

- Then there’s the mountain of mail on my dining table. Have you ever noticed that 3 out of every 5 items in your mail is usually junk and goes straight to the trash?

- I could vacuum my carpets… hmm… but that would ruin the peace and quiet, so what’s the point?

- I could send some long pending replies to those emails from friends. I always wondered why my ‘new mom’ friends took 2 months to reply to my email and I grumbled. But now I know, exactly how they felt. Trust me I check email every free moment I get and I absolutely love to see that “you’ve got mail’ sign and love to read from friends, but to actually hit reply and type up an elaborate response seems like a big job right now.

- I could play Farmville on FB. But considering how rare my free time is, I would not be able to water or harvest on time and my crops would die. The most I do on FB now is ‘like’ things. So easy to just click ‘Like’. It’s like you want to post a comment, but then either don’t have the time or the right words or both. I love the ‘Like’.

It’s so quiet that I can hear the clock tick. It’s been around half hour now – he is still sleeping like a baby and it feels great. I feel relaxed and though I did not do anything that I thought I could or should, I feel refreshed. I did manage to write a piece that might find its way into a blog, that I’d like to start work on.  That is…when I find my next rare ‘peace and quiet’ moment.

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