Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A is for...

A huge craving for some chocolate and that ABC song stuck in your head can make you do some pretty silly things. 

Like wanting to come up with an alphabetic list of yumminess…

Sweet Tooth

So 2 KitKat bars, 10 eclairs and 1 pack of Gems later, here is my compilation. I wanted to stick to the ones I have eaten and I  had to deviate from the initial plan of listing only chocolates, so you'll find candy and gum too.  Of course the list is not complete... I mean have you eaten something that starts with the letter Z?? 

A is for Alpenliebe, Almond Joy

B is for Bounty, BarOne

C is for Cotton Candy

D is for Dairy Milk

E is for Eclairs

F is for Five Star, Flake

G is for Gems, Godiva, Galaxy

H is for Hershey’s Kisses

I is for Ice Breaker Gum

J is for JellyBeans

K is for KitKat, Krackel

L is for LionBar, Lindt

M is for Mars, Milky Way, Milk duds, Merci, M &Ms

N is for Nestle White

O is for Orange starburst

P is for Polo, Perk

Q is for

R is for Reese’s Peanut Butter cup

S is for Snickers

T is for Twix

U is for

V is for

W is for Wonka Bar

X is for

Y is for

Z is for

Feel free to complete the list.

And yes eat chocolate, smile and be silly!

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