Saturday, November 12, 2011

Midnight mumblings..

Its past 12 AM. I should be sleeping. Especially after 2 doses of cough syrup and fever medication, but my nose is blocked and I could use a midnight snack and some conversation. Even if its one sided..

My microwave will beep in the next one minute and I am going to be chomping on some delicious leftovers from the Chinese restaurant we dined at tonight. Dinner was tragic with my son being whiny, me trying to control him and the ambiance being a bit too overpowering. There were way too many dragons and other scary looking mythological creatures hanging around. It was too dark. I mean if you cannot see what you are eating, only the Lord really knows what you could be eating. You think you can get away with stuff by dimming the lights too much? Hah! I noticed the red upholstery was torn and there were stains on the red table cloth and all the condiment pots were empty. But I'm not complaining. The corn and crab soup, the mixed fried rice and chicken strips in chilly sauce was delish! We wanted to order the highly recommended fried ice cream, but refrained; all three of us with our sore throats.

This reminds me of couple of other Chinese restaurant disasters..

One we frequently visited until they went through a much publicized renovation to make it authentic 'Indo-Chinese'. Now I read that the colour red for the Chinese means good luck and joy. But when you paint all the walls red, including the ceiling and then use a chandelier made of fluorescent bulbs under a RED paper lantern and use a red and white checkered table cloth which I am assuming is not a Chinese thing.. it is going to give everyone a head ache. And the food somehow did not taste all that great anymore.

Then the other, which again was a weekend favorite, but left us with a bad taste in the mouth, when we crunched on sand in the mixed noodles. Yes sand! And yes YUCK! We concluded that the waiter accidentally dropped the wok on the floor while packing our take-out and picked it all up- proper with broom and pan (YUCK), then packed it nicely and figured we would not notice. Fortunately none of us fell sick. But that's off our craving list forever. 

But don't get me wrong, these places are actually quite popular..I don't know why, but they are.

But the highlight of the evening was stopping by a book fair with up to 90% discount. There is something so wholesome about book fairs. Especially if some are used and read and slightly damaged. And if you get a book for less than one-fifth its price. Great! But with a sick baby on my shoulder, I hardly had time to relish the moment, but I managed to grab a couple of Jacqueline Wilson's for my niece. I have mentioned her here. I'm going to say it again. She is a certified book worm! So we all end up getting her books for her birthday.

Then we stopped at the baby shop to cheer my son up. He goes crazy over the stuffed toys and the cars ( or should I say vehicles- they have tractors and cycles and bikes and what not!), shoes and squeaky toys and strollers. We got a break. And he was in heaven for 20 minutes. Fortunately he has not got to the stage where he wants us to buy him every single thing there.

I am thinking I will sign off, grab some dessert and hit the sack. There is some absolutely divine tender coconut pudding my mom in law made. One of these days, I am planning to steal the recipe and make it and blog about it. Its just so yum.


  1. Hope you guys are doing much better now. U love chinese as well?? I just louvvv and adore chinese's a pity about ur experience though. I also go crazy in a book fair and end up picking up more books than I can ever read..Keep writing..U have a very unique style..

  2. Thanks Gayathri! We are over the fever, just a persistent cough that should leave soon. (I hope). Chinese is still my number one favourite. :)