Monday, November 21, 2011

Miracles do happen

Two extra hours a day? Yes, miracles do happen!

jumping with joy! 
Picture by aachpach                                          

My extra two hours would spill all over my day. Stretching my happy moments and shrinking my not so happy ones.


- Some extra time to sleep in, in the mornings. Cuddle next to your loved ones in bed. Hold the warmth. Before you change into my Super Mom avatar and make the day happen.

- Some extra time to sip hot chai and read the taaza khabar(s).  To keep you updated. To have a world view.

- Some extra time in the hot shower. To freshen you up and get you smelling like a flower for the rest of the day.

- Some extra time in that seemingly difficult Yoga  pose. To remind you how strong you really are. In body and in mind.

- Some extra time in the morning kitchen. So that you can whip up that lavish breakfast for the family that you love.

- Some extra time at the spa. To treat your feet to some much needed massage. Those feet that carry you around; all the time.

- Some more extra time at the spa. So you can catch up on all that filmy gossip in their glossy magazines. How therapeutic!

- Some extra time to read that suspense thriller. That page turner that you can not and do not want to put down. Will he escape? Will they live happily ever after??

- Some extra time to finish that embroidery stitch kit. Your daughter loves teddies and this one has four! You've already picked out the frame and got the nail up on to the wall in her room.

- Some extra time in the park. Screaming happy kids. Picture perfect. Click!

- Some extra time to speak to Mummy and Papa. From once a week to more often. To hear their voices and share some laughs. Nobody is getting any younger you know.

- Some extra time at the cinema interval session. You need to stretch, buy pop-corn and make bathroom trips! 

- Some extra time in prayer.You could do plenty with some more serenity, courage and wisdom.

- Some extra time to play. At home. Scrabble, Pictionary and peek-a boo.

- Some extra time to  read. To the kids. One reading of 'Jack and the Beanstalk' is never enough is it?

- Some extra time to catch up with friends. On the phone. Face to face. Email. Voices that makes you happy. Cherishing memories and making new plans.

- Some extra time to blog. To write. To read. To feel. To laugh. To respond. To commune with fellow bloggers.

- Some extra time at the mall. You always meet many wrong pairs of jeans before the one Mr. Right finds you. Skinny, low cut, boot cut, straight or relaxed.

- Some extra time for a nice head massage. The one your husband always begs for.

- Some extra time during the cricket match commercials. So you can have garama garam pakodas to munch on during the last over.

- Some extra time for chores. To make that never- ending To-Do list at least a little bit shorter.

- Some extra time at family dinner. Wholesome. Hearty. Happy.

- Some extra time for the good night kisses to linger. Touch is such a beautiful thing.


This is my entry for the Surf Excel Matic #GetSmart Contest. If you would like to participate go here. Good luck!


  1. all the very best for the contest

  2. Thank you Gopan!Thanks for dropping by.

  3. Anonymous3:34 pm

    Devoting time to loads of activities good..on a lighter side, you would have to do some gud time mgmt cos 23 activities in 2 hrs wud mean 0.1hrs for each of it.jus kidding..but appreciate the thinking..good luck

  4. Ha Ha! Good one! Thanks for checking me out,Zradar. I guess I meant 2 extra hours would allow me more time for the meaningful moments in my day. :D Wish you all the best too!