Wednesday, January 27, 2016

#2016reading - 'Life is what you make it'

Just finished my first book for 2016. Preeti Shenoy's 'Life is what you make it'. 

I really enjoyed the book. The story line is simple and straight forward. Yet at the same time, you want to keep reading. Its about the life of a spunky young girl called Ankita and journey from school to college and post graduation and all the associated fun things that happen until suddenly Ankita loses control over herself and ends up in a mental institution. I think Preeti is fabulous in her observations  and I cannot wait to devour the rest of her books. And in the story, when the main character is diagnosed with a mental disease (that everyone usually wants to sweep under the carpet), it only encourages us to be more empathetic and informed before labelling a person as 'crazy'.

#readingfor2016 #preetishenoy


  1. I have read the book too and completely echo your thoughts :) happy reading.

  2. Yeah !! I read the book about an year back. Its a nice work but somewhere i felt too bad for the guy who died.
    actually it made me a little angry with the story!!
    Anyways a goid read.
    Happy reading.

  3. Shraddha, yes that part was too tragic. I guess the character already experienced so much abuse and despair that he was too broken when she denied him. I felt even sorrier for the first guy Vishal or Vaibhav or something who seemed to be left hanging for a long time..