Friday, January 22, 2016

Sweet savoriness - That first crush

"Where on earth was Asha?", Thirteen year old Millie wondered as she ran up the stairs and down the verandah of Asha's ancestral home. 

She just could not wait to show off her new dress to her best friend. Pink tulle, soft satin and shimmering sequins..she felt  like a princess. She wore the pearls she got for her birthday and the white shoes her aunt got her from the city. If only her mother had not oiled her hair and given her those ritualistic weekend plaits. Ugh! How she hated them. Princesses’ were supposed to have bouncy, 'blowing in the wind' kind of hair that smelled like wild flowers. Not greasy braids.

She loved how large and majestic the tharavadu was. The twenty room mansion was almost 80 years old. But age showed itself only in grace and grandeur. The tiled roof, the open court yard, the soft and perpetually cool red oxide floors, the charming old world furniture, it seemed like a magical place. The numerous rooms and secret chambers made great for mystery games and treasure hunts. 

And today, the Ittys’ were throwing their family Christmas open house which  was a treat for the entire neighborhood. The front yard sparkling with fairy lights, a bright red and golden Christmas star accenting the front entrance, cheerful piano music accompanying the carol singers and the delectable multi-course feast  was worth looking forward to, every year.

The Itty's large and spacious living room boasted of a eight foot tall Christmas tree that was shipped all the way from the States and even the decorations were all foreign. The porcelain figurines, made the nativity scene truly a sight to behold. Omana aunty, Asha's mother had literally barricaded the tree and the Christmas crib decorations with a makeshift picket fence which she decorated with holly and red ribbons to keep curious little hands away from damaging anything. "No Touching! Only seeing"", she cooed melodiously every time she passed by.

Rohit jumped in from nowhere stopping her in her tracks.

Whoa, where are you off to?”

She took a step to the right to get out of his way. But Rohit seemed to have time to tease her and almost immediately moved right in front of her.

Looking for Asha?”

Rolling her eyes she took a step to the left. Rohit deftly followed.

Sighing she took another step right. Without missing a beat he took one too. It was beginning to feel like dance practice and Asha had to stop herself from turning pink. A vivid image of Rohit and her waltzing began to form in her head.

“Nice dress. You look like cotton candy. With oily pig tails. “ he chuckled.

"Oil is good for.." she started to reason. He would not wait for her to finish. Tugging at her braid, he sprinted off. “She is in the attic with the rest of your gang”', he called out.

Millie blushed more. Few years older and always up to something, Rohit, Asha's brother was usually too busy to chit chat with the girls. 

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She didn't dare tell Asha about the secret crush she had on her best friend's brother. Asha would kill her! 'Thunder Hearts' sacred rule No.1. "Boys are gross!" And yes she always hated boys. They were such a pain. 

But Rohit was a different story. She had no idea when she started feeling all woozy around him. She was always looking for him when she went to Asha's. One glance, even someone calling out his name was enough to send her heart racing.

Tall and clean shaven. Always clad in a check shirt and a khaki shorts, Rohit was not like the other noisy boys. He was polite and gentle. He had a twinkle in his eye and a small half dimple that showed itself every time he started to smile. 

Occasionally he would say something to acknowledge Millie which would totally melt her heart but freeze her body. How was that even possible she wondered.

She could not explain it even to herself. But she felt this sweet savoriness in her heart. In her fingers and in her toes. 

"And he said I looked like cotton candy, right? Everyone loves cotton candy. Does that mean...? "

Blushing, she sprinted to the attic trying to keep up with her racing heart and its sweet secrets. 



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